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Basically, the peel is split after the potatoes are cooked in special ovens. Most often, to increase the amount of stuffing, another potato is sliced and half or all of its stuffing is added to it. Add salt and butter or margarine and mix by mashing. It is classically served in its shell. It is usually served plain with a variety of appetizers and sauces.

In the most common way of serving, grated cheddar cheese is mixed with the potatoes, finely cooked sausage is cut on top of the potatoes and Russian salad is placed on top. Apart from them, it can also be made with corn, olives, peas, mushrooms or different appetizers or different ingredients according to taste. It can also be eaten with ketchup and mayonnaise.

The history of baked potatoes is very recent. In the former Yugoslavia, potatoes cooked in aluminum foil and filled with salad were called "potatoes".

It is a product that is prepared in Turkey by adding baked potatoes, butter, kashar and various salads, appetizers and sauces. (wikipedia)

In this case.. We can't help but mention İzmir kumpir.

What is beautiful Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean Sea, famous for? In general, the following are considered. We can also mention the atmosphere, the beautiful girls, the English Victorian style, the friendliness of the people, (unfortunately, I think it is decreasing) kumrusu, bagel, (simit) and kumpir. Because the people of Izmir cook with quality products. That brings flavor. Other question! Which products of Bulgaria are world famous? Yes, dairy products. What if kumpir is held in Bulgaria? We made it with delicious butter, cheese, potatoes and other appetizers :) 'Orci Kumpir' happened.

We thank the people of Kardzhali for their interest and very nice comments.

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